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It was early on a Sunday morning when I was enjoying my morning rituals before starting to tackle my work projects. Next thing I knew, the lights and digital clocks flickered and then went blank. We had lost our power. As most of you know, I live with my close friend Lindsey who was also home at the time. Losing power caused us to reflect on 2 lessons that are very applicable to life right now in this season.

Lesson 1, tap into trust over fear. When the power went out, we could have freaked out about a million things and taken ourselves thru a loop of negative thoughts. These loops or cycles are energetically draining-mind, body, and spirit. Yes, we had planned to work on technology but we were able to pivot.

Instead, we practiced a Chakra yoga sequence by candlelight. We opened the windows, burned sage to cleanse the space, and pulled a few cards to inspire a different perspective. This brings me to the second lesson, there is always something needing doing, there is always something that can be done. This lesson helps us to focus on what we can change in the present moment, moving us closer to our wants.

When we finished yoga, the power still had not come back on. Once again, the same opportunity to get scared and start spiraling or an opportunity to flow. We went on a neighborhood walk and let ourselves be in awe of the beauty of spring. We got to witness the Cherry and Plum Blossoms. When we returned, so had the power.

Join us for our monthly Sacred Sessions April 16 in Tacoma where we will be reconnecting with our intuition thru yoga, sound, and writing. Witness your worthiness!

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